Our Services

We offer a range of services to the public, local schools and kindergarten, home gardeners and commercial orchard growers.


Bee BnB can service your orchard for the pollination season.

Increase your harvest of fruit production utilizing the most efficient bee for the job.

Please contact us well in advance to secure bees for the coming season.

Macadamia flowers

Hive Maintenance

Depending on the strength and weight of the hive, or alternatively every 12 months, your bees may become busy enough to divide the hive in half.

By dividing the hive you can ensure you have a spare hive if something happens to the mother hive.

We’re able to provide a service of splitting the hive for a fee of $80 within Brisbane. *
Should you require a new oath size box to split into, we can provide a new box at a reasonable cost.
If you need some assistance with understanding a new hive in your yard, we can organize a consultation to help you better understand how to care for your bees.

Hive, honey, propolis purchases

Should you wish to sell the surplus hive, honey or propolis we can service your hive on request.

Stingless bee rescue

If you have a hive that needs to be rescued or relocated, please contact us for removal.